Low Dmoll/dur bagpipe (C4 – D5)

Bagpipe in this key are a little bit lower than the big A bagpipe. Despite of it, their tone is majestic, non-aggressive but strong, which absolutely enhances the atmosphere, whether used in ensemble or in solo play.

Basic model Bag from cow hide, pear wood, chanter pipe is made from ebony or cocobolo. Chanter without Keys, chromatic (except for Es), two cane reeds. Plastic reed is applied in bass drone. Without colouring modifications.

Price list
Basic model with bass drone D21292 Euro

Drones including plastic reeds
Bass D2included in price
Tenor A3+180 Euro
Tenor D3+170 Euro
Alto A4+165 Euro
Alto D4+155 Euro

More performance
Chanter from Grenadille More quality and constant tone.+65 Euro
Key Es Dis+120 Euro
Cap for the bass drone Perfect bass sound. Photo+80 Euro

More comfort
Bag with cover+110 Euro
Reduction of the bass drone Shortening the drone length to approximately 2/3 of its normal size using a specially bore chamber on the middle part of the bass drone, for distinctly better comfort without affecting quality of the play. +120 Euro
Double stock of drones+100 Euro
Tripple stock of drones+130 Euro

Colouring modifications of design
Additional charge according to the difficulty of manufacturing.
Two colours, ev. fluent transitions made by aerograph – starts at 65 Euro.

Single chanter in Dmoll/dur (C4 – D5) including 2 reeds
Ebony, cocobollo480 Euro
Grenadille540 Euro
Additional Reed for Chanter28 Euro