Small Amoll/dur bagpipe (G4 – A5)

This bagpipe fits perfectly for play with string instruments such as fiddle or gittern, even if just acoustic. With its lower level of loudness, it can be played between vocal parts, such as for solo play. Ideal for bands playing medieval-like music.

Basic model Bag from cow hide, pear wood, chanter pipe is made from pear-wood, ebony or cocobolo. Chanter without Keys, chromatic (except for B). Without colouring modifications and decorating with stripes from another kind of wood. Cane or plastic reeds can be used in the drones.

Price list
Basic model with bass drone A2760 Euro

Drones including reeds
Bass A2included in price
Tenor E3+130 Euro
Tenor A3+120 Euro

More performance
Chanter from Grenadille or Mopane More quality and constant tone.+45 Euro
Key B+120 Euro

Decorating with stripes from another kinds of woods
1Drone bagpipes+100 Euro
2Drones bagpipes+110 Euro
3Drones bagpipes+120 Euro

Colouring modifications of design
Additional charge according to the difficulty of manufacturing.

Single chanter in Amoll/dur (G4 – A5) including 2 reeds
Pear-wood, Ebony, cocobollo260 Euro
Additional Reed for Chanter22 Euro

Possibility of using another kinds of wood for your bagpipe, according to your wish.